Weddings & Special Events

Download Full Wedding Package InfoThank you for considering Greenacres Golf Course to cater your reception. For your “Special Day” we offer either the Tee Room overlooking the Golf Course or the Par Rooms that can open up to one large room to accommodate your needs. Our colourful flower beds, lush greens, fountain and quaint “Gazebo” would proved a beautiful backdrop for your photos. The enclosed is a summary of our buffet style and served dinner selections. However, we would be pleased to give you a quotation for a menu of your choice and assist you with seating arrangements, layouts, flowers, music and many other small details for your wedding.

Wedding Package

Basic Setup Price per Person Minimum
Columbia Buffet Included $36.00 40
Athabasca Buffet Included $40.00 40
Victoria Buffet Included $46.00 40
Kooteney Buffet Included $54.00 40
Served Dinners Available upon request

Seating Capacity

Tee Room: Seats 50 guests with dancing and 65 guests without dancing.
Par Room: Seats 65 guests with dancing and 85 guests without dancing.
Tee & Par Room: Seats 120 guests with dancing and 160 without dancing.

Room Rental

(without food) (with food – minimum order required)
Par or Tee Room $220.00 $115.00
Par & Tee Room $440.00 $225.00

Special Equipment

Flip Charts $15.00
White Board & Markers (3′ x 4′) $15.00
Overhead Projector $15.00
5′ X 4′ Tripod Screen $15.00
7′ X 7′ Tripod Screen $20.00
Wireless Microphone and Amplifier $20.00
28″ TV & VCR $35.00
Conference Speaker Phone $35.00
Microphone/Podium No Charge
5-Disk CD/cassette player No Charge
Floor Podium No Charge

Prices are subject to change without notice. Service charge and applicable taxes not included.

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